Magnificent Music Afternoon at Regent’s


The Globe Theatre was host to a wonderful Primary Music Afternoon on November 30th.  It was a brilliant opportunity for our primary instrumentalists and vocalists to showcase what they have been learning this term to a wider audience.

Before the doors opened to the Globe, the audience had a chance to purchase some beautiful Christmas cards.  These cards were designed by 10 students, whose designs had been selected from a school wide project, and had been professionally printed.  This was an amazing initiative led by the Primary Music and the Secondary Art teams in order to raise funds for our community partner projects.  The printing costs were sponsored by the company MBMG.

Josh Year 4 and Amber Year 5 playing recorders.Josh Year 4 and Amber Year 5 playing recorders.

Once all the students had taken their places in the Globe, the doors opened and the audience walked in to the wonderful sounds of Chopin’s piano music.  Once the audience was seated, the Music Afternoon began with Reese from Year 5 playing the King’s Anthem beautifully on the violin.

This was followed by Sung Eun Choi in Year 5 playing an excellent piano solo, a difficult piano sonata by Monteverdi.  ‘Craze’, one of our Primary pop groups, followed with an original music piece.

Key Stage 1 Choir performing beautiful Christmas carols.Key Stage 1 Choir performing beautiful Christmas carols.

This amazing group consisted of several violinists, guitarists, Mickey from Year 5 on dijembe drum, Ken from Year 5 on the keyboard and Josh from Year 4 on full drum kit!

William James in Year 4 then wowed the audience with a beautiful classical guitar rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’. Jin Soo Kim from Year 4 followed with an entertaining drum solo and the Primary brass, with a little help from two secondary students, Chloe and Ellis, got everyone in to the Christmas spirit with ‘Jingle Bells!’

The “Craze” guitarists playing an original music piece.The “Craze” guitarists playing an original music piece.

Isla from Year 4 sang a charming solo entitled ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from the musical Les Miserable.  Then Double Rock, a Year 5 Primary pop band, played another original piece brilliantly.  The Primary ensemble group followed with a beautiful, peaceful version of Silent Night.  Tyler followed with an amazing and energetic drum solo!

Then our special secondary guests MISCAST played a fantastic rendition of a ‘Muse’ song.  This really inspired our Primary students who were wowed by the amazing skill of these older musicians!

The Key Stage 2 recorder group followed with a brilliant duet and a fabulous jazz piece.

Our final item was the Key Stage 1 choir, thirty eight 5 – 7 year olds, who come to choir practice every Friday lunch time!  They were truly magical to watch, with their enthusiastic singing and brilliant dance moves!

The whole event was eloquently introduced by Sarah and Josh from Year 4, and Amber and Bua from Year 5.  They did an excellent job of clearly introducing each item.

Congratulations to all students involved – you were amazing!