Refreshing Salmon entree


In this climate, cold delicacies go down very well.  This salmon dish is a cool and most refreshing entree. It is also one of the easiest dishes you will ever make, the hardest part is making the honey dew melon balls. If you do not possess a melon baller, then you can always make nice scoops with a large spoon.  If the worst comes to the worst, cut it in slices!  You can make this dish a few hours before the guests arrive and keep it in the refrigerator, but apply the coconut cream and garnish just before serving.

Ingredients Serves four
Salmon (fresh is best but tinned is fine) 200 gms
Onion small ½
Garlic ½ clove
Lime juice 1 lime
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil 1 tbspn
Honey dew melon ½
Cucumber ½
Coconut cream
Chives or Coriander as garnish

Cooking Method

Chop salmon into ½ cm dices and combine in a bowl with the onion, garlic, lime juice, oil and a dash of salt and white pepper.

Mix well and shape into four balls.  Place on a plate and flatten slightly.

Surround each with three balls of melon and three of cucumber.

Drizzle coconut cream over these and garnish salmon with a herb like chives or coriander.