HM King Constantine, royal family attend Round Square party at Nong Nooch


HM King Constantine II of Greece brings his krathong to float in Nong Nooch Tropical Garden’s lake.

The Greek royal family attended an early Loy Krathong celebration at Nong Nooch Tropical Garden as the Regent’s School closed out its hosting of the Round Square International Conference.

HM King Constantine II, HM Queen Anne-Marie and HRH Princess Theodora were the honored guests at the Oct. 14 party.

The party saw Nong Nooch put on an early Loy Krathong activity, providing fresh banana leaves for the guests’ krathongs. The royal family joined the more than 700 guests in floating their krathong on the garden’s lake.

Round Square aims to inspire students throughout the world so that their generation will strive for new levels of co-operation, communication, awareness and understanding. It developed from the inspiring theories of Kurt Hahn, a philosopher and educationalist who believed that schools should not just be places to prepare for further education but also places to prepare for life. By testing themselves, students would be able to develop their courage, generosity, imagination, principles and resolution. At the end of the day, they would develop the skills and abilities to become the leaders of the future.