GIS participates in Amari Midnight Run



IB 1 joins the 13th Amari midnight run in Bangkok, here showing actual evidence that everyone enjoys the run despite the anxiety.



On the night of October the 9th the majority of the IB1 and many members of the Garden International School staff went up to Bangkok to join in with the 13th Amari midnight run. The money raised from the run goes to support Chalerm Prakiat HRH Princess Sirindhorn School which supports the education of children whose parents have passed away due to HIV infection, and Baan Gerda, the Children’s Village project which supports HIV-infected orphans in Nongmuang, Lopburi province.


The run was challenging for everyone, whether they were trying to set a personal best time or just complete the distance. The IB students all ran the 6k run, except for TK who decided to tackle the 12km along with some of the teachers.

We all decided to meet at the Amari Hotel before 11:30 p.m. on the 9th of October, though most of us turned up at 11 p.m. as we were quite nervous.

The run started precisely at midnight when all of the runners did a countdown from 10 seconds to 1 as if waiting for the New Year. When we first started, most of us stuck together so we didn’t lose each other. However, as the run progressed we broke up into little groups allowing some individuals who have a different pace than the others go their own way. Many of whom did the 6k run had managed to finish within the hour (the faster and more fit runners) while a few finished just after.

It was exciting running through the streets. There were over 400 police officers stopping traffic and helping at the event, some people in costumes as well as some very serious athletes. The atmosphere was excellent.

At the finish line we were all awarded medals as a souvenir for our participation in the event. We had lots of fun, and it was great to really apply ourselves to this challenge. As for me, I already know, I will be trying to beat my time next year for sure!