Excellent medal achievement by Regent Lions at Under 13 FOBISIA Games


Taking a look back at the wonderful under 13 FOBISIA games that Regents hosted last week, it is astounding how well the host team performed in every sport they competed in.

The boys’ basketball and football teams were particularly outstanding, heading off some excellent competition to take first place in both sports, much to the delight of the spectators who were supporting on home turf.

Medal Ceremony.Medal Ceremony.

Girls’ basketball and overall athletics finished second in the competition, which is also a massive positive considering the athletes still have many years of FOBISIA competition for Regents still to come. The athletics programme was held at Chonburi Athletics Stadium and again, it was well supported by both Regents and the schools invited from around Asia.

Happy in victory.Happy in victory.

There were some wonderful individual performances from our athletes. Year 8 student Eoin incredibly won gold medals in 4 separate disciplines; football, basketball, swimming and athletics. Special mentions also need to go to three other students; Camille, Nae Nhae and Sola who won 3 medals out of 4 disciplines.

The overall medal count for the Regents’ Lions was 37 gold, 32 silver and 16 bronze. The overall positional result was:

1st – Boys basketball

1st – Boys football

2nd – Girls basketball

2nd – Athletics boys and girls

5th – Girls football

5th – Swimming boys and girls

These outstanding achievements are a testament to the excellent physical education (P.E.) programme that has been implemented by Head of P.E., Mrs. Roslyn McConnell. A bigger focus on sporting success this year can be put down to an after-school sports programme and focused coaching.

“Congratulations to all our medal winners and a big thank you to all the site team, teaching staff and parents who helped make the U13 games a memorable one,” Mrs. McConnell said.

All action in the pool.All action in the pool.