Enquiring minds


Year 5 students at St. Andrews Green Valley have been inquiring into ‘Endangered Species’ and focusing on the idea that: ‘as humans, we are responsible for the preservation of all living things’. To help gain a better understanding of this topic and develop their independent research and communication skills, the Year 5 students completed a 2 night residential at Khao Kheow Open Zoo.  

During their stay at the zoo, students were able to study many endangered species, ask questions to experts, carry out their own observations and formulate their own questions and theories.

Caring learners feed the deer at Khao Kheow Zoo.Caring learners feed the deer at Khao Kheow Zoo.

Jennifer, “Zoos are important because they help the animals keep safe from their enemies. They take care of them so people can look at them. Khao Kheow is helping endangered species by saving animals from poachers who want to take their body parts.”

As part of the trip, Year 5 students were also able to experience ‘Flight of the Gibbon’ and the ‘Tarzan Swing’. Students were involved in discussions as to how such activities/tourist attractions can help save endangered species by discouraging the development of land and providing an alternative source of income for local people.

The visit to the elephants was hugely popular.The visit to the elephants was hugely popular.

Arvind, “I was really proud of myself for doing the flight of the gibbon, even though I was scared and cried. This trip will make a difference to my life because I flew above the jungle for the first time in my life.”

The year 5 boys enjoy their evening meal whilst taking in the spectacular scenery.The year 5 boys enjoy their evening meal whilst taking in the spectacular scenery.

It was a fabulous trip which saw many new friendships develop and really helped to ‘bond’ the Year 5 team together. All students (and their teachers) demonstrated that they were risk-takers, communicators, inquirers, caring and principled learners.

Cael, “I was a good communicator because I asked a lot of questions and spoke to lots of new people… I will always remember it and feel proud of myself when I think about it.”