Jesters and Pattaya Sports Club provide a restful night


When driving around the outskirts of Pattaya, the chances are that you would not have noticed, tucked away along small sois, villages that are home to many poor families who have difficulty providing everything that is needed by the family on a day to day basis.  The only solution is for the adults to find whatever employment they can to put food on the table. One problem that presents itself for all these families – what happens to the children that are not yet at school age, whilst they are working.

A solution has been found in a village very near Plutaluang Golf Club. K. Ann has opened the Alidthan Kindergarten School which now has 130 children from 1 year to school age, a number of whom are children with special needs. This is a nursery and pre-school centre for local families. It is partly funded by Ann and her husband but they rely on some donations from the families of the children, where possible, and the local community to continue operating. Some of the children stay at the centre long term, others on occasions stay over-night; the remainder being day care children.

The filters are now installed.The filters are now installed.

Ann and her staff welcome these children with open arms and have developed a quiet, restful centre where the children have food, refreshments, play in a safe area and are being taught to read and write Thai and English.

Thank you Jesters and PSC.Thank you Jesters and PSC.

It is important that young children can rest during the day and be able to have a good night’s sleep but, most of the children slept in cots with no mattresses, just wooden planks, or on the floor. There was no water filters in the centre so, as a consequence, water had to be purchased which diminishes the already tight financial situation – and we are all aware of the benefits of drinking clean water.

Noy of YWCA on one particular occasion took the opportunity to highjack William of Pattaya Sports Club, Woody and Bernie from Jesters to seize the moment to introduce us to this centre to see the problems for ourselves. The children, as you can see, are delightful, obviously happy and well cared for, but the centre needed some help. William, Woody and Bernie are a soft touch when it comes to Thai children with big smiles and we agreed to get together and provide mattresses and a water filtration system. We were also able to present them with a microwave, kindly donated by a member of PSC. Ann was absolutely delighted with our help, as were her staff, and the children will be aware of the benefits when they have their sleep.

Thai children love to dance and this occasion was no exception. We were welcomed, not by the traditional form of dance, but energetic disco dancing and all the children were delighted to accept the biscuits and cakes that were distributed. Amazingly, they were very quiet when they were eating – funny that should happen.

There are many similar centres that need help and if you feel you would like to make a donation please contact William on 0861522754 or pop in to the PSC office along Third Road.

The children cannot wait to have a drink.The children cannot wait to have a drink.

Disco is all the rage.Disco is all the rage.

The mattresses have arrived.The mattresses have arrived.