Some of you will have known this kind older gentleman. His name was Yen, and he was the security guard, protector, and feeder of stray dogs on Jomtien Beach Rd, close to Siam Commercial Bank and Soi Wat Boon. He was there guarding the shut down construction site and making sure the many dogs that lived in the fenced in area had food, water and love.

Many people knew him from passing by, while exercising, going to work, the beach or bringing him food for the dogs.

Yen, 78Yen, 78

These pictures were taken on the 8th of this month, 3 days before he went to sky. He wanted me to take some pictures – it was the first time he ever asked me; maybe he knew his time was getting close. When we went there the morning of the 11th as we do every morning to give him dog food and milk, his lady friend (wife) was sitting there, he was lying next to her.

We feel it was due to the ever so cold night that might have took him, as being there days and night was his job.  He was 78 years old.

I will give these pictures to his family and I will also put a few on the fence where he worked and passed away.

We find in our line, of what we do, we often must say goodbye to many of our dog friends due to being hit by cars, sickness or if they are lucky, being taken home and living with a loving family.

The dogs he took care of, his family and KOTO, shed a tear for him, he will be missed mak, mak (very much).

Thank you,

Gerry Rasmus, aka KOTO