Sabine Ursula Fricsay-Flemming


Beloved friends of Sabine, it is my sad duty to inform you that my dear wife and life partner for the past 47 years Sabine Ursula Fricsay-Flemming, born on 10th February 1942 in Berlin; passed away on 26th December 2012 at 4.22 in the morning in Pattaya, at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. I was present at her bedside as she left for good in her sleep and without pain.

Our life together was filled with beautiful and exciting hours. Our hotel careers brought us to the Far East in 1968. We spent our professionally most exciting years in Hong Kong. In 1991 we moved to Bangkok. In 2005 we moved to Pattaya, into our magnificent “Villa Sabine”, by then fully retired.

Sabine Ursula Fricsay-Flemming 10 February 1942 - 26 December 2012 Sabine Ursula Fricsay-Flemming 10 February 1942 – 26 December 2012

Sabine was in charge, the soul of the houses. Due to our multiple address changes the interior design, fitting out maintaining our various homes and houses, the gardening, tailoring and sewing were truly her favorite past-times and bore her signature.

For many of our invited guests Sabine hosted and prepared dishes which will remain for a long time to come an experience, “often gourmet poetry with legendary hospitality.”

In spite of the housekeeper profession at the busy Hong Kong Hilton Hotel for over 15 years she brought up two children, remarkable professionals, who have left their mark in trading and on the open waters of the seven seas.

May “Bine” now be carefree and joyfully follow our worldly existence, and enjoy a happy after life. We will make you always proud and honor your worldly deeds you have left behind. I am proud of my beloved late wife; Joyce and Ken are grateful to have had her motherly guidance. She was and remains the mother who spoiled her family and considered the patron and host of “Villa Sabine” by family and guests alike!

Prayer meeting and cremation were held at Wat Nong Noi on Sukhumvit Road on January 5th and 6th.

May I respectfully request that in place of flowers or a wreath, a donation be made to “FORCES” (Friends of Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard), a concept originated by myself, to assist my Rotary Club in its many humanitarian causes here in Thailand. Donations may be made by ATM or bank transfer to the Krung Thai Bank PLC; Pattaya Thai Branch;

Account Name: Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard

Account Number: 221-0-00980-4


In deep mourning – Rest in Peace!

Ferenc, Joyce and Captain Ken Fricsay

Roberto Cioaca, Rebecca Myers and grand-daughter Martha

Jürgen and Ursula Flemming