Good bye my Charter President, May You Rest in Peace, Martin


A very sad day is filling my heart, filling our hearts with sorrow; all those who have met Martin Brands as Rotarians or private citizens.

I, Ferenc, look back on his legacy with pride to have met this fine person and to have helped charter Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard of Pattaya.

As the most senior member by now, although more especially as a Member of RCES, I bow my head remembering this most extraordinary person who has dedicated his time to helping those less fortunate in a country, where he was a guest only, Thailand.

Martin chartered the Club in 2004. He put the club on to the Rotary map; he gave the club the soul from where a great many wonderful deeds emerged. He concerted an organization with foresight for better things to come where benevolent work is welcomed and appreciated for the many underprivileged people.

Those who knew Martin Brands will confirm, Martin was low-key, but a front-line operator. He rarely covered the headlines, which he could have done of course. That made him an even a more valuable member to his club. He certainly had his views, made it clear and expected each and every one to follow.

Martin had access and answers to all kind of sources. He had the in-depth knowledge of how Rotary International functioned. He knew precisely about the Rotary bylaws enabling him to extract more support and funds. Martin was able to provide RCES with his awareness of what can be achieved by knocking on the right doors in the far away and rigid US or here in our playground Thailand to extract more funds for better good deeds. To further this he tapped people for funds from those he met during his professional days with IBM and friends that he had met in his extraordinary busy life time.

Martin’s connections were far reaching: mobilizing doctors, hospital services, other Rotary Clubs and their members here in Thailand and overseas. Martin has possessed extraordinary energy to make projects work.

Martin was an administrator, executioner, an executive and a hands-on helping hand, all in one.

His last presentation, only less than a month back, I shall remember well.  I was present as Martin said goodbye to his friends and members of his club, and of course to Rotary International. For the last time he presented Paul Harris pins to members for their contributions.  On this very same occasion it was made known that he was honored with two very special prestigious awards by Rotary International for his “Services above Self” and “The Major Donor Award”.

Again, here I am and humbly doff my hat to you Martin; May You Rest in Peace for Ever After!

Yours fondly,

Ferenc Fricsay

Charter Member RCES