George Bishop 1937 – 2013


George John Bishop was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands on 30th Jan 1937. His father died before he was born and his mother was forced to leave Guernsey due to World War II.   The war started when he was 2 years old and George was evacuated from Guernsey to Bolton, Lancashire. When the war ended, he was 8 and moved back to Guernsey to live with his grandparents, while his mother stayed behind to run the cotton business she had built up with 8 shops to run.

George excelled at badminton and tennis and was champion of both Guernsey and Jersey in tennis. Top of his class in school, he tried his hand at several trades while young. His uncle Kenneth worked for British Airways and advised George to work for the airline. George started with aircraft dispatching and logistics in 1963. He watched as the Captain and the smartly dressed crew seemed to enjoy a better position, hence he saw his future in the cabin.

George Bishop 1937 - 2013George Bishop 1937 – 2013

George was chosen for the Douglas Cup, a big golfing competition that BA threw every year. He ended up winning it in 1966 and from then on he was hooked on the game. He worked in Jersey, flying around Europe and domestically. He met his future wife Linda on a flight from London to Paris and almost scared her off with a peck on the cheek. They clicked right away and on the 21st of Dec 1974 after a long courtship, they got married.

They stayed together in London and both worked for British Airways, then George took early retirement at age 54. George and Linda started to buy property in Guernsey and then around Marlow, Buckinghamshire, fixing up the properties themselves, and built up a nice property portfolio over the years using the banks to fund their investments.

George was a member of Maidenhead G.C. and joined in 1970. He was also a member of Bearwood Lakes in Berkshire. George was passionate with his golf and he and Linda would travel to Australia, Europe and America on golf holidays. He listened to Ella Fitzgerald and Elvis Presley and popular American music.

He and Linda first came to Pattaya in 1993, when George got a taste for the local courses. They returned several times over the years and he and Linda parted company around 2006 but remained great friends. George then found a lovely Thai lady here in Pattaya called Gogo about 9 years ago. He impressed her by his generosity and they soon became an item. They lived in Northshore initially, then George and Gogo moved to their new condo in View Talay 6 where they set up home. He loved her Thai food and watching golf on TV. On Sundays, he would have a friendly card game with the lads and Gogo would supply the snacks.

George joined in with several golf bars around Pattaya and was known to all as Gentleman George. His easy going manner made him many friends in town and was well loved and respected. He treated every day and every round of golf as a bonus and knew that he was blessed with a good life.

He played for the last time at The Golf Club on Monday at Green Valley and enjoyed his meal and a few glasses of red wine. He awoke at 3 a.m. early Tuesday morning complaining of chest pains to Gogo and passed away shortly after. Gogo called Linda back in England to tell her of the sad news and Linda travelled to Thailand straight away to help Gogo and make sure George’s last wishes were carried out. At Linda’s request, George’s ashes will be distributed equally between herself and Gogo, and he will be set free to travel through time. One life, and a much loved free spirit. All of our love to Gentleman George Bishop, rest in peace.