Bob Lindborg

Bob Lindborg
15 May 1944 – 24 February 2019

Bob had experienced health problems for some time which restricted his golfing activities. Recently he had spent time in hospital but when he knew the end was near he insisted on going home to be with his family. Sadly his daughter, Paula who had come from the UK, was unable to stay for his funeral due to her having some urgent family health concerns, but which was attended by a number of his golfing and Thai friends and his regular caddies. Bob left word for his friends to have a drink in his memory and some 15 of us did at Retox Outback on February 27, the day of his funeral.

Bob had lived here for over 20 years, was a keen golfer and had served as Treasurer to the Pattaya Sports Club Committee on two separate occasions.

It is times like this we learn more about the past, so what of his life before Thailand? Born in Jetburg NE England, he had a sister Betty and 2 daughters Paula and Joanne. He was a very accomplished chess player, being selected to represent his county, and was a keen supporter of both Newcastle United and Blythe Spartans.

He was invited around 1970 to join and manage a company that made coat hangers! When he joined they made some 5 million and 30 years later when he retired it had risen to 400 million!

Prior to coming to Pattaya he had travelled extensively and his daughter believes he had flown from 81 airports!

I leave the last words from his daughter Paula, “My genuine thanks and heartfelt gratitude goes to all his mates – and Lamud for making his life a happy one. He was a great Dad.”