Pattaya hires new garbage collector for trial run

Green World, with their fleet of new blue-and-white garbage trucks, will be under strict rules to pick up all rubbish and not leave a mess behind.

Pattaya will give its new trash collector a trial run before awarding a five year contract.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai said March 1 that Eastern Green World Co took over from much-maligned, longtime garbage hauler Advance International Co. at the start of the month with a new fleet of trucks.

Manote said Green World will be evaluated for five months after which time it could be given a five-year contract, or the job could be put out for bid again.

Only Advance and Green World bid for the job, with the latter company coming in 6 percent under the previous contract, the deputy mayor said.

Advance International has been roundly criticized for operating old, broken down trucks that leak smelly wastewater behind every vehicle and failing to pick up large numbers of trash cans across the city. City officials previously said they had no other option but to use the contractor, as no other company wanted the job at the price Pattaya pays.

Green World, which has a long track record of operating in Rayong, will deploy a fleet of new blue-and-white garbage trucks to Pattaya and will be under strict rules to pick up all rubbish and not leave a mess behind.

The contractor can be fined up to 3 percent of the contract for incurring multiple complaints about missed pickups. Pattaya officials did not specify how many complaints it would take for penalties to kick in.

In addition, Manote said more enforcement will be done against illegal rubbish dumpers, with those caught set to face fines of up to 5,000 baht per incident.