With elections near, Mayor touts opinion poll showing 78.1% job approval


As he prepares to stand for re-election, Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome announced that a poll commissioned by his campaign team showed 78.1 percent of Pattaya’s residents were “very satisfied” with his job performance.

Not an independent survey, the Burapha University opinion poll of residents of 38 Pattaya neighborhoods found 17.2 percent were “satisfied” with Itthiphol’s 13 “‘Together We Think and Act’” strategies, while 3.5 percent had no opinion and just 1.1 percent declared they were unsatisfied. Neither the margin of error nor the number of residents taking the poll was disclosed.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome announces what he has accomplished during the four years of his term.

The strategies, the mayor said, group his track record of accomplishments for the past four years and include efforts on drug and traffic control, tourism and public relations, education, public utility development, sports and recreation, promotion of local economic development, environmental preservation, ethics and tradition, water supply and alternative energy, city planning and employment.

The mayor’s term ends May 4, and the law states that an election must be held within 45-60 days.  Itthiphol will remain in office, holding the title of acting mayor until after the next elections.  The date for these elections has not been set, and will be the subject of an upcoming city council meeting with an election committee.

Once an election date is set, the official campaign season will begin.