Waterlogged Soi Wat Boon hit again by floods


So Wat Boon residents may not be able to predict the weather, but they can predict that when it does rain, their South Pattaya neighborhood is going to flood.  It happens every rainy season.

Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay made the annual pilgrimage to the low-lying neighborhood Oct. 3 which is waterlogged again after the latest storm three days earlier. He brought along Engineering Department workers to pump out what flood-drain backup they could while issuing the same apologies city officials have made for years.

More rain, more flooding in the Soi Wat Boon neighborhood.More rain, more flooding in the Soi Wat Boon neighborhood.

Verawat ordered all the steel plates at an under-construction drainage project removed and for rubber pipe to be laid underneath the soi so that the water connects with the Najomtien Canal.

Verawat tried to console residents by saying many areas of the city got hit with flooding due to inadequate and blocked drains, but said that once workers eventually complete the drainage work, things should get better. Of course, work on the project has been delayed six months so far by bureaucratic red tape.