Walking Street restaurant owner and her BMW attacked by 3 men


Armed Sattahip men assaulted the female owner of a Walking Street restaurant and destroyed her BMW after four male friends abandoned her in front of a Sattahip restaurant.

Prinya Harsner, 36, suffered cuts and bruises to her face and body in the 1:30 a.m. attack in front of the Thao Thalay Restaurant on Soi Sattahip-Sukhumvit 45 Dec. 24. Heavily intoxicated, she was transferred to Queen Sirikit Hospital for treatment.

Rescue workers tend to Prinya Harsner before transferring her to the hospital. Rescue workers tend to Prinya Harsner before transferring her to the hospital.

At the scene, police found her bronze BMW 730i heavily dented and all its windows broken.

While Prinya was too drunk and injured to give police a full statement, she told officers at the scene she’d been partying with four male companions and, after leaving the club, had been run off the road by a gang of men in a white sedan who fired gunshots into the air before forcing them to stop. Once they did, her guy friends ran away, leaving her to face the armed gunmen alone.

A 16-year-old witness corroborated her story, saying the white sedan had been tailgating Prinya’s BMW before one of its occupants fired a gun into the air. The car then race ahead and cut it off, forcing the BMW to stop.

The teenage witness said the four men with Prinya fled after seeing the gunmen, who jumped on the hood and trunk of the car, bashing in the windows while others assaulted her.

Police say the motive for the attack is unknown, but could stem from an earlier dispute at the club or perhaps was due to road rage over the drunken women’s driving.