Update on free vaccination for elderly foreigners

Expats 75 and over heading to Bangkok for vaccination should download the app.

Bangkok’s Ban Sue vaccination centre reports a continuing number of expats 75-plus who can be vaccinated free with Astra Zeneca via a walk-in facility from 9 am to 4 pm. Today, the centre’s management announced that, starting Wednesday July 21, the carer of the farang (if necessary) can be vaccinated free too, even if under 75. No end date has been stated.

Applicants need to carry their passport and also proof of address in Thailand, such as a driving licence, house book, a rental agreement, or even a utility bill in their name. No copies are required, although a check is made to ensure the applicant has a one year visa or better. The only medical test is via a blood pressure machine, with a very generous 181/100 being the maximum permitted for inoculation.

Various other foreign groups are also being vaccinated this week at Bang Sue, for example applicants with prior appointments via certain foreign embassies. But they should not be confused with this “oldies’ special.” The centre, which has already covid-vaccinated more than 2,500 foreigners, is designated in late 2021 to become the largest railway centre in South East Asia with around 26 platforms.

Those travelling to Bangkok from Pattaya may (or may not) meet road check points on the outskirts of the metropolis. They are advised to download https://covid-19.in.th/ to access a QR code. The site is currently in Thai, so a friend or relative may be required to give assistance. Prior registration for this particular scheme is not possible: walk-in only! However, Pattaya expats travelling on Tuesday July 21 reported no road checks which were difficult to satisfy.

Note: The Ban Sue centre stresses that the facility is only for unvaccinated farang to receive their first jab. They will be given an appointment letter for the second inoculation during their visit. The system can pick up queue jumpers, from this or other centres, who are thus warned to keep to their specified times and dates.