Unidentified man found dead inside vacant Batman


Police are trying to determine how a Thai man often seen in central Pattaya ended up dead in a long-abandoned entertainment complex in central Pattaya.

Frenchman Francois Gougry, 36, said he discovered the body of the man in his 40s in a flooded lower level of the dilapidated Batman entertainment venue on Sukhumvit Soi 46/3, which still is known as “Soi Batman” 10 years after the club closed.

Nearby residents said they recognized the dead man as he was often seen in the area, buying drinking water and saying hello to people. However, no one knew his name or where he lived.

Gougry said he was there to spray-paint graffiti on the walls, as he often does, and wandered down to the lower level, which was a parking garage. About two meters of water filled the lot and in it he found the body floating.

The deceased had been dead for about eight hours, authorities speculated. There were no obvious signs of injury, leaving investigators befuddled as to the cause of death. His body was taken to Banglamung Hospital for further examination.