Traffic tango ends with tree trimming triumph

Pattaya City officials conducted an inspection in the Arunothai community, tackling traffic issues arising from residents planting trees on public property, causing disruptions and hindering traffic flow.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a joint effort, Pattaya City Council member Jirawat Plukjai, community leaders, and environmental officials successfully addressed a longstanding issue in the Arunothai community, where some residents had planted trees along Arunothai Soi 5, causing traffic obstructions and restricting road passage.

Prompted by resident complaints, the team, led by Jirawat, inspected the site on November 15. The assessment revealed significant traffic hindrances due to the planted trees, violating the Land Traffic Act of 1979. Despite prior warnings and a one-month grace period for corrective actions, the offenders did not take any steps to correct the situation, risking fines of up to 500 Baht.

Pattaya City workers responded by trimming obstructing trees and removing obstacles from the road, ensuring public safety and smooth traffic flow. Arunothai residents expressed gratitude for the prompt resolution, highlighting the commitment of local authorities to a safe and sound community environment.

Pattaya City workers take matters into their own hands, trimming obstructing trees and clearing road obstacles to restore public safety and ensure smooth traffic flow after offenders neglected to correct the situation.