Tour guide, 40, robbed in hotel room with 17-year-old Facebook ‘friend’


A middle-age tour guide lost 40,000 baht after being hoodwinked by a teenage girl he took to a hotel room after meeting her on Facebook.

Satta Boothsalee, 40, works as a guide for Chinese tourists and called police to the Splendid Resort in Jomtien Beach April 5 to report that a girl he met on the social network had stolen baht and Chinese yuan worth about 40,000 baht.

The Surin native said that he met this girl – later identified by Thai media as being only 17 years old – on Facebook and they had chatted online for a month before arranging to meet for a hotel room rendezvous in Pattaya.

Police released this photo of the alleged thief.

He said he had showered and, after finishing, the girl acted strangely and said she needed to go to the 7-Eleven to get food. He noticed after she left, and didn’t return, that his cash was gone.

He said another 200,000 baht he had hidden in the room remained untouched.

Police said they had a good idea who the Facebook temptress was and would likely track her down.