‘Tiger’ caged for shooting shoe-throwing sister


A man calling himself the “Banglamung Tiger” has been arrested for shooting his sister-in-law at a Pattaya-area temple after she scolded him and threw a shoe in his face.

A crowd gathers after shots were fired.
A crowd gathers after shots were fired.

Ranrida Muangjeen, 47, was in serious, but stable, condition at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya after the Nov. 7 shooting on the grounds of Nongkhet Noi Temple.

Ranrida’s husband, Sompong, 41, told police she was shot by her older brother Somsak Ha-gnuen, 47. Temple Abbot Soponprapaporn called the suspect – who goes by “Sia Banglamung” or “Banglamung Tiger” – and asked him to turn himself into police, which he did.

Somsak was charged with attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Police said Somsak confessed to shooting his younger sister because she repeatedly yelled at him and recently threw a shoe in his face. So he grabbed his 9 mm. handgun and decided to get even.

Sompong said he had taken his wife to the temple where she planned to make merit, but Somsak followed them. As she approached the temple, he fired his gun and the woman fled inside with Somsak in pursuit.

He then allegedly shot her twice outside the abbot’s dormitory room.