Taxi driver slashed by youth gang


A motorcycle taxi driver nearly lost his leg in a fight with youths drinking and urinating outside his Soi Chalermprakiat 29 home.

Anupap Poolsuk, 53, sustained a slash wounds to legs, head and body as well as heavy blood loss. His right foot was almost amputated. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Witnesses said a group of youths were drinking at a neighborhood pub and often came out and urinated outside Anupap’s house. The taxi driver asked them to pee elsewhere, but they started a fight with him.

The youths followed Anupap into his house where they savaged him before fleeing the scene.

Anupap’s mother, La-aong Poolsuk, 79, told police she was sleeping when she heard noises and came down to see what the fuss was. She switched on the lights to encounter a brawl between her son and a group of men. She tried to stop the fight, but failed to prevent the bloodshed.

Police are investigating.