Suspected drug dealers shoot at police, escape


Police are searching for two suspected drug dealers who opened fire on police officers before fleeing, leaving behind a 13-year-old girlfriend.

Identified only as “Rae” and “Jack,” the two suspected men in their late teens attempted to evade a police checkpoint at Soi Yailao in East Pattaya Feb. 27. Finally stopped by police, one of the men fired five shots at officers, all of whom escaped injury.

Police inspect the car used in the shooting. Police inspect the car used in the shooting.

The gunmen then fled onto Sukhumvit Road, smashing into a car then escaping on foot near the Royal Green Park Village on Soi Khao Talo.

Left in the vehicle was a 13-year-old who said “Rae” was her boyfriend. Police said she told them both men, who lived on Soi Sunee in South Pattaya, had a history of drug dealing, with one of them acquitted on a drug arrest a few days ago.

The men had been driving their Honda to drop the young girl back at home when they spotted the checkpoint. Not wanting to be caught with an illegal firearm, they tried to escape, she said.

Police are now trying to locate and arrest the gunmen.