Supposedly ‘protected’ mangrove preserve ignored by officials, polluted by neighbors


A supposedly “protected” marine preserve in Naklua is being damaged and polluted after Pattaya officials basically ignored it once signs against trespassing were posted.

Signs along the shoreline near Chonglom Temple state that the area is an experimental mangrove tree nursery area and that clamming and fishing is prohibited. Researchers and university students periodically use the area to study marine ecosystems and reforestation.

Trash is strewn about this “protected” mangrove nursery in Naklua. Trash is strewn about this “protected” mangrove nursery in Naklua.

Local residents, however, don’t seem to care, as several were spotted digging at tree roots for clams and fishing throughout the “restricted” area. Broken branches, empty food containers and smashed bottles litter the area.

Too often local politicians hold press conferences and make grand promises about protecting the environment, then move on to something else once the cameras have left. It’s time for Pattaya’s administrators to enforce the “restrictions” outlined on signs they placed and ensure the erosion-mitigating mangroves flourish.