Stinky mushrooms spark lottery fever in Chai Nat

Employees walk around and count all the stinkhorn mushrooms.

Proving that, when it comes to the lottery, Thais will bet on anything, a group of unionists in Chai Nat think they’ve found their lucky numbers in wild mushrooms.

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The warehouse in Sapphaya District was abuzz Oct. 27 as union laborers found some stinkhorn mushrooms growing in a field near the building. Also called ghost or squid mushrooms, the fungus earned its name because they smell like a rotting corpse and looks like a hand.

Coincidently, the number of the mushrooms matches with the house number of the warehouse.

For some reason, the putrid fungus was seen as lucky as there were 107 growing in a small area, which happens to match the warehouse’s house number. Usually they grow only in pairs. Some people believed that must be a record, although Guinness doesn’t track clusters of wild mushrooms.

With the lottery coming up Nov. 1, betters were sure 107 would be their lucky number, inciting a rush on local vendors.

Villagers believe the mushroom will bring them luck for the coming lotto drawing.