Soi Kanrua drainage system nears completion


Pattaya’s 8.9 million baht project to solve long-running flood problems in Naklua’s Soi Kanrua boatyard district is entering the final stages, with key construction expected to wrap within two weeks.

Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay and Sanitation Engineering Department staffers inspected the progress of pipe installation, construction of concrete-steel roads, and a reservoir-based drainage system May 26. Once complete, the new system will send water directly into the Klong Plub drainage canal and out into the sea, instead of through a backed-up maze of city drainage pipes.

Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay (left) inspects the plans and the progress of flood mitigation construction in Naklua.Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay (left) inspects the plans and the progress of flood mitigation construction in Naklua.

Launched last July, the project was long opposed by area boatyards due to the expected disruption to business. However, faced with flooding that worsens each year, boat-repair and construction yards finally agreed to put up with months of construction that forced them to reduce or suspend business.

The project, initially launched for 8 million baht, was supposed to finish six months ago. It called for contractors to dig a 1.5-meter-deep concrete reservoir at Klong Plub near the Pattaya Water Pumping Station to catch storm runoff, three reservoirs along Soi Kanrua, new 1.2-meter-wide drainage pipes and repave the street with concrete.

As part of construction, some boatyards had to temporarily remove huge concrete blocks used to drydock boats under service.

Verawat said the project is now nearly complete, with pipeline connections expected to be finished in two weeks.

“The only remaining work is to connect pipes to the three reservoir tanks that will become the center of water accumulation and will drain faster,” the deputy mayor said. “Plus the reservoir nearest to the sea will help wash out accumulated debris preventing blockage and increasing drainage efficiency.”

Once the underground work is done, Verawat said, a new concrete road will be paved through the area.

“I believe that installing pipes along Soi Kanrua will help efficiently drain water as during heavy rainfall, water from the Old and New Naklua markets can just drain from this area directly instead of having to accumulate at other spots to head to the canal.”