Sister Joan returns to Ireland for a well earned holiday


Those who attended Sister Joan’s 80th birthday celebration in March 2013 will remember that the monetary birthday presents where intended to purchase a business class flight seat for her holiday to her family home in Ireland.

However, Sister Joan decided to postpone her flight home until Sister Michelle completed her position as Provincial Superior of the Good Shepherd Sister’s in 2014.

Sister Joan is pictured at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Saturday 28th June eagerly awaiting her ‘business class’ flight to London and then on to Ireland to visit her family. Sister Michelle is also pictured with Sister Joan eagerly awaiting her departure to Cambodia to assist the Good Shepherd Sisters there in continuing the good works of this magnificent organisation.

On behalf of Sr. Joan I would like to say a Very Big Thank You to all those people who kindly donated money on her 80th birthday last year.

I am sure that she will have lots of stories to tell us when she returns in September.

Mary Pierce