Sattahip village chief arrested for shooting wife


A Sattahip-area village chief allegedly shot his wife after a night of arguing over her supposed gambling debts.

Charu Liangton, 44, the kamnan of Sattahip Moo 7, was arrested Feb. 15 at Queen Sirikit Hospital where he took wife Apatchaya after admittedly shooting her twice in the back. “Puyai Thing,” as he is known, told police the shooting was accidental.

The couple during happier times. The couple during happier times.

Apatchaya remained in intensive care at the Plutaluang hospital.

The incident began a day earlier when Charu claims a debt collector came to his Romruedee Village home office demanding a million baht to cover losses Apatchaya allegedly ran up playing illegal dice games.

Infuriated by the loss of face, Charu allegedly flew into a rage, arguing violently with his wife throughout the night. The village chief admitted the fight culminated with him packing his wife’s belongings into suitcases and throwing them and photos of her dead parents onto the lawn.

Apparently sensing it was the end of the line, Apatchaya fled the house, but was gunned down with two shots to the back from her husband’s Beretta Tomcat.

Col. Somchai Sunthavanik said Charu was cooperating with police, but said he did not intend to injure his wife and that shooting her was an accident. He was simply angry over the size of the debt, the damage to his reputation and the fact Apatchaya allegedly refused to take responsibility for her actions.