Police Briefs


Kuwaiti’s hotel room robbed of 120,000 baht

A Kuwaiti man lost more than 120,000 baht in jewelry when his hotel room safe was stolen while he was out to dinner.

Meshal Aa Attallah, 51, reported the break-in to police Saturday at the Siwalai City hotel. He said the safe contained two Armani watches.

Security-camera footage showed two Thai men aged in their late 20s breaking into the seventh-floor room, wrapping the safe in a blanket and carrying it out. Apparently no one in the lobby noticed anything unusual about them leaving like that.

Police later found the safe cracked open in a wooded area near Central Pattaya’s Carrefour shopping mall.

3 arrested in Soi Kophai drug raid

Pattaya police arrested two men and a woman for alleged illegal drug use and sales.

Officers raided a Soi Kophai apartment building Feb. 14 after reports that crystal methamphetamines were being sold there.

Police arrested Maneerat Jampatum, 19, and an unidentified woman in one room and Chawalit Yothi, 24, in another.

Both Chawalit and the woman claimed to be only customers and drug users after failing urine tests for ya ice.

Maneerat, whose room allegedly contained equipment used in the sale of the drugs, was taken into custody for suspected drug dealing.

German dies on beer bar sofa

A German died on a sofa in a beer bar where he’d laid down to sleep off a night of heavy drinking.

Johan Dinbuckeria, 63, was discovered by worker at the Naklua Soi 14 bar when she came in to open around 5 p.m. Thursday.

The staff member told police she’d allowed Dinbuckeria – a frequent customer – to sleep on the sofa the night before as he’d been too drunk to stumble back to his room at the nearby Athaporn Place.

Dinbuckeria suffered from diabetes and police suspect the man either died from that or a heart attack. His body was taken to the Forensics Institute for a final determination. However, foul play is not suspected as officers found 20,000 baht in the dead man’s pocket.

Money exchange worker robbed in Naklua

A Bangkok currency exchange worker was robbed of more than 1 million baht after being jumped by two assailants with a stun gun in Naklua.

Sithichok Pipatsin, 54, said he was going to a room on Naklua Soi 14 around 1 a.m. Friday when two men on a motorbike kicked over his bike and attacked him with an electric stun gun. They escaped with his satchel containing baht, euros and other currency he had collected earlier in the day before stopping off at a Pattaya beachfront massage parlor.

19 arrested as 200 drug police storm Koh Larn village

More than 200 police officers stormed a Koh Larn neighborhood Thursday, Feb 17 arresting 19 people on drug-possession charges.

Every home in the Baan Kon Larn community was searched and a large cache of narcotics was seized, including more than 300 ya ba tablets and 40,000 baht in cash.