Sattahip police watch as glue addict stalks schoolgirls


Sattahip police say there is nothing they can do about a 35-year-old glue-sniffing construction worker stalking local schoolgirls and elderly women.

Kampol “Tai” Sroisakul was picked up by police Jan. 13, but released with a warning after officers determined he had not broken any laws.

Singsamut student Somrudee Rungroj, 18, filed a complaint about Kampol, saying he sits outside her house and those of her friends every day, sniffing glue and following them. She said she often runs from the stringy-haired addict, fearing he will rob or rape her.

Somrudee alleges that Kampol, who lives on a nearby soi, also put a scare into her elderly grandmother after he closely followed her on his motorbike after she left home with a bag and her purse. Scared, she returned home.

Police said the alleged glue-sniffing had not been proven and simply watching people was not a crime. Unless Kampol did something wrong, officers said, there was nothing they could do.