Sattahip police to wear helmet-mounted video cameras


Sattahip police have some new headwear which will help them better document their work: GoPro video cameras.

Pol. Col. Mekawit Praditpol, chief of Sattahip police, distributed 50 of the “action cameras” to investigative and patrol officers, who will affix them to their motorcycle helmets.

Police believe it will improve the quality of service and duty conducted by the police, helping them be polite and honest.

Pol. Col. Mekawit Praditpol adjusts a GoPro video camera on the helmet of a Sattahip motorcycle cop. Officials hope the new headwear will help police better document their work.

Pol. Col. Mekawit Praditpol said social media has made the work of police more complicated, with witnesses to events putting video online, which creates controversy. However, he said, the viral videos often are not complete pictures of events and put police in a bad light.

By having their own video cameras, police can have a full and accurate record of events, which can be used to counter online sensationalism.

The video footage also will help in prosecuting crimes, as all interactions with the officer will be recorded, he said.