Sattahip authorities arrest 7 suspected drug dealers


Sattahip police and district officials arrested seven suspected drug dealers on narcotics and weapons charges.

Accused ringleader Anura Piriyapraditkul, 35, Niwan Khomchom, 40, and Wiriya Khomchom, 18, were captured May 8 with 400 methamphetamine tablets, a rifle and 10 bullets. They were charged with possession of a Category 1 narcotic with intent to sell, illegal weapons possession and carrying a weapon into public areas.

Also arrested on charges of possession of a Category 1 narcotic with intent to sell were Kecha Mannongthum, 31, with 800 ya ba pills; Jatuporn Phumsreenuan, 23, with 20 pills; Anisa Iemcharoen, 21, with 20 pills; Theeranant Praphaso, 26, with 17 pills.

Police introduce the suspects to the media.Police introduce the suspects to the media.

Police said the suspects are all connected to a convicted drug dealer currently incarcerated, but still operating, in Chonburi Prison.

The arrests, investigators said, came from the apprehension of Theeranant, who coughed up the names of other gang members after being caught with 17 ya ba pills.