S. Korean man arrested for countryman’s beating death


A South Korean man who called his embassy to report the death of a fellow countryman in Huay Yai has been arrested for his murder.

Yun Myeong Kyun, 31, was brought to a police press conference in Chonburi Nov. 24 after being charged with conspiracy to kill Lim Dong Jun, 24, along with two compatriots who already have fled the kingdom.

The men allegedly were partners in an underground football-gambling website business.

Yun has denied the murder charges while police are attempting to locate Kim Sung Pyo, 30, and Kim Hyong Jin, 31, overseas.

While Lim’s body was found at the La Versa Resort near Huay Yai Temple, the man actually was killed in Bangkok and Yun transported the corpse to Huay Yai, police alleged.

Yun Myeong Kyun has been charged with conspiracy to kill Lim Dong Jun.Yun Myeong Kyun has been charged with conspiracy to kill Lim Dong Jun.

Yun told police Lim had been held for several days in northern Bangkok and beaten repeatedly. He claimed he had urged Lim’s captors to take him to the hospital, but was threatened and told to take the man to the Huay Yai resort instead.

Yun then called the South Korean embassy around 4 a.m. on Nov. 22 to report that his colleague had died. The embassy contacted police who arrived to find the body in the back of Lim’s car.

Police believed the murder stemmed from a conflict over the illegal online business.