Royal Foundation and authorities’ distribute aid to flood victims


A community on soi 46 Sukhumvit was one of the many affected areas by the flash floods on the 16th of September from tropical storm Vamco.

Within the soi is Tung Tawan Thong village which is home to over 50 families, on Saturday the 19th the flood waters had still not receded and a relief event took place to get essentials to the community.

The Secretary of Princess Somsaowaree, Princess Pa Foundation secretary Mrs.Somtawin Yong-U, under the patronage of Princess Somsaowaree paid a visit to the community along with Pattaya Councilor Mr.Nakorn Pollukin to distribute aid to the flooded residents.

Officers and representative of Princess Pa Foundation under the patronage of Princess Somsaowaree and reporters from various newspaper paid a visit to flood victims in Soi Sompoi, Sukhumvit 46 Pattaya.

Access to the families was by boat or wading through the waist high water, residents were delighted to receive the relief packages.

Within the community is also a school for autistic children, 10 students attend the school however their books, computers and desks were damaged in the flood and other houses nearby had many cars, motorcycles, and electric equipment that were also broken.

Mr.Somsak Jirangamthong, 57 years old village resident with his damaged BMW

One 57 year old resident Mr.Somsak Jirangamthong whose BMW was damaged by the high waters stated that he had lived there for 13 years and that there had been a flood back in 2011 however this time it was much worse. He said that on the 16th the rain had came down for many hours and he simply couldn’t move his possessions due to the high water level. He went on to say that the Thung Tawan Thong Village had no drainage pipes linking to the main sewage system. There was one small drainage pipe in the village but that it could not cope with the deluge.

He hopes that in the future the city would upgrade the drainage so that the community could get on with their lives and not be in fear of heavy rains.

Officers provided help by distributing the emergency survival bags

The Life Skills Promotion Center, Autistic Thai Foundation located in Soi Sompoi was also damaged.

Three water pumps were in operation to take the water to Sukhumvit Road.