Royal Cliff provides food to 1000 destitute people in Pattaya

ManyCai Company supports Royal Cliff’s ‘Feed the Community Program’ by donating 600 food boxes and 600 bottles of drinking water.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group recently launched the ‘Feed the Community program’ as part of their corporate social responsibility to help local communities in need.

The hotel’s human resources team regularly visits local communities to ascertain where help is most needed, which unfortunately has increased dramatically in recent months.

Thankfully, donations towards the food programme have also increased as hotel guests and business partners donate funds towards purchasing meals, which are delivered to various charities, frontline health workers and those in need in the local communities.

Through the support of these kind-hearted people, food boxes are also distributed weekly to hundreds of people who gather at Bali Hai Pier and other city hall organized distribution points in Pattaya.

Benze Official Company donated 100 food boxes towards the Royal Cliff’s ‘Feed the Community Program’.

Earlier this month, the Royal Cliff donated food boxes to the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) which looks after abused children rescued from human trafficking.

In all, more than 1000 people have benefitted from the Royal Cliff’s food programme since its launch.

Royal Cliff is thankful for the incredible donations from the corporate community, including the ManyCai Company and Benze Official Company, as well as for the generous financial contributions of the hotel’s guests who share the common goal of providing aid to people in need.

Royal Cliff’s award-winning chefs prepare the food for distribution following the highest safety and hygiene standards as prescribed by the International Organisation of Standardisation 22000 (ISO 22000: 2018), the latest Food Safety Management certificate.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group donated food to children at the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC).

Royal Cliff’s team of award-winning chefs prepares the food for distribution following the highest safety and hygiene standards to combat the outbreak.

Royal Cliff staff distributed food to the hundreds of people gathered at the Bali Hai Pier.

The food was also distributed to those in need at various donation points in Pattaya.

The Royal Cliff team donated much-needed and appreciated food and supplies to frontline health workers in Pattaya.