Rescuers free cat impaled on Pattaya fence

A rescue worker works fast to free the hapless cat whose legs were impaled on a fence when it jumped off a roof and missed the landing.

Proving cats don’t always land on their feet, Pattaya rescue volunteers were called to extricate a feline impaled on a steel fence.

Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation officers thankfully needed only five minutes March 3 to cut loose the stray kitty stabbed through a front and back leg on the two-meter-high fence in Chalita Village on Soi Bungalow 99.

A resident said the cat was jumping from a roof and missed the landing, painfully impaling its legs on the fence’s spiked top.

She took the cat to a veterinarian for treatment.

After the cat was rescued a kind neighbor rushed the feline to a veterinarian clinic to get proper treatment for its injuries.