Raving foreign hulk goes berserk in Pattaya restaurant

The muscular raging and raving foreigner is finally subdued by these brave policemen who threw him in the drunk tank at Pattaya Police Station.

A shirtless, inebriated foreigner was arrested after going on a raving rampage in a Third Road restaurant.

The unidentified man in his late 30s appeared drunk or high and was yelling and smashing property at the Isan (northeastern) restaurant close to Xzyte Square late March 22.

The owner of the eatery, Mix, 42, said the man ran in off the street and was not a customer. He was raving and scaring off customers. When police arrived, he ran to the second floor where the damage continued.

Multiple officers finally subdued the large, muscular foreigner and threw him in the drunk tank at Pattaya Police Station and to await any complaints that could be filed against him.
No one was injured in the course of this raving rampage.