Rapid firefighting response quells car fire at shopping center

The Volkswagen engine compartment gets a good dousing after it erupted into flames in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Sattahip.

Pattaya, Thailand – The Sattahip Municipality firefighting team sprang into action as flames engulfed a green Volkswagen sedan’s engine compartment in the parking lot of a local shopping center on August 9.

The fire originated within the engine compartment of the vehicle, causing significant harm to both the engine area and a section of the car’s interior. It took the firefighters about 10 minutes to contain and extinguish the blaze, minimizing the damage and averting a potentially more dire outcome.

The unnamed vehicle owner disclosed that he smelled smoke while leaving the mall, so he immediately parked the car and got off. Within moments, flames and dense smoke emerged from the engine compartment. The driver was not injured in the fiery incident.