Police seize 37,530 speed pills, 13.5 grams crystal meth in Pattaya

Mongkol Sanglamom led police officers to his apartment where they found a large stash of methamphetamine tablets and crystal meth.

Banglamung police seized 37,530 methamphetamine tablets and 13.5 grams of crystal meth. Mongkol Sanglamom, 47, was arrested after being caught with both Feb. 23.

The arrest came as drug police patrolled the Pattaya train station where they spotted Mongkok sitting on his motorbike with the engine off.

Police said he appeared scared when approached, so officers searched him and his bike, finding drugs on his person. He then was taken to his Soi Paniedchang 8/1 apartment where the rest of the drugs were found.

During interrogation, Mongkol flipped on his supplier like pancakes on the griddle, ratting out his supplier and her location.
Further arrests are suspected.