Police seek ID of dead body found in Takientia


Police are trying to identify the remains of a body found burned and stuffed into a drum hidden in a pond in Takientia.

Officers, rescuers and forensics specialists were called Aug. 1 to the forested area in Takientia’s Moo 2 village. In a sandy pond about 500 meters from road they found the head and hip of an unidentified male. He had been burned and wrapped in clothes, put in a 200-liter drum and sunk with steel bars.

About 20 meters from the body, police found mechanic’s gloves, cigarette stubs, a rambutan peel, and spare parts from a suspected air conditioner. All were kept as evidence.

Veerachon Charoneklung, 59, found the body while fishing for shrimp after another person told him he saw a dark stain floating to the surface of the pond.

The body parts were sent to Office of Forensic Science for DNA testing to identify the victim.