Police pull axe-wielding man from apartment roof


A drunk man with an axe had residents of a Pattaya apartment house calling for help after he climbed on the building’s roof.

Police arrested Huang Liebkrathok, 47, after pulling him from support beams of the second story roof at the building on Soi Haa Thanwa opposite of Bunthaworn Department store.

Police corral the drunken man. Police corral the drunken man.

Not a resident of the building, Huang allegedly pulled into the apartment house late June 20 and walked with an axe in his hand past unconcerned residents to the second floor. It wasn’t until he climbed onto the roof that neighbors called the cops.

Obviously intoxicated, Huang told police he couldn’t explain why he acted as he did. The axe wielder was charged with trespassing.