Police probe car burglaries in Naklua


Police are investigating a string of car burglaries at a hotel construction site in Naklua.

Three vehicles belonging to contractors at The Zign construction site were damaged Jan. 25, although two of the incidents appear more like vandalism than theft.

A bronze Isuzu pick-up truck owned by Noi Pimsaen, 47, had its stereo, battery and a gold amulet stolen. A bronze Toyota Wigo owned by Suthep Kramrai, 40, had only its Toyota logo removed. And a black Mitsubishi Tritan owned by Samorn Tannula had a tire valve removed.

Noi said he and the other victims are long-term workers at the site and sometimes leave their cars in The Zign parking lot for days at a time. Police believe thieves had been scouting the site, looking for seldom-moved vehicles.

Duanchai Sriram, 38, said she believes she actually talked to the men who stole Noi’s battery. She told police she saw two men by his car on Jan. 21 and believed they were the owner and a repairman. She said she spoke to them, not realizing they were thieves.