Police arrest South African with huge cache of meth, heroin, other drugs


A South African man traveling under two names and two passports has been arrested with a large cache of heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines and other drugs.

Kurt David Silver, aka David Anthony England, was arrested at his Ngam Charoen Village townhouse by Chonburi Provincial Police March 12. Inside the house, officers found 139 g. of crystal methamphetamine, 200 ya ba tablets, 5.6 g. of ecstasy, 23.9 g. in heroin sticks, 2.5 g. in crushed heroin, 11.8 g. of crushed ketamine, a box of Terumo Insulin syringes and a water bottle stuffed with 200 empty capsules for filling the crushed drugs.

Silver’s wife Rojna has been arrested for distributing illicit drugs.Silver’s wife Rojna has been arrested for distributing illicit drugs.

The raid came after a tip that Silver allegedly was part of a ring selling drugs throughout Pattaya. Police claim Silver confessed, saying the drugs belonged to a John Alexander Heaton, a member of a British organized crime gang who imported narcotics from the United Arab Emirates.

Heaton fled his Royal Greenpark Village before police later searched it. The Transnational Crime Coordination Center is currently searching for him and police said they believe Heaton is still in the kingdom.

Maj. Gen. Jumnong Rattanakul of the Chonburi Police Station said several days of planning went into Silver’s arrest. Investigators claim they determined that Silver and his wife Rojna delivered drugs on Heaton’s behalf.

Silver was booked on numerous narcotics possession and distribution charges.

Kurt David Silver was allegedly distributing illicit drugs throughout Pattaya.Kurt David Silver was allegedly distributing illicit drugs throughout Pattaya.


  1. At least they got 2 off them him and his wife only a few more to go unfortunatey they have ruined mr heatons life as he is nothing to do with it, but maybe mr silver may start telling the truth now,what a piece of scum


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