Pattaya’s Nong Plalai community prepares for more storms and floods

Nong Plalai Mayor Pinyo Homklin was on hand to manage the sandbag assembly for anyone who wants or needs them in the community.

Heading full-on into this year’s rainy season, residents of Pattaya’s Nong Plalai district community are preparing for the worst.

Local government officials put engineers to work filling sandbags Sept. 9, to be handed out to anyone who wants or needs them in the community.

Nong Plalai Mayor Pinyo Homklin said many factors contributed to the recent flood disaster, and Nong Plalai is working with Pattaya City officials to address the problem.

The floods were so pervasive, muddy waters damaged many normally safe homes. With that much rain, it took hours for the water to drain away.

Nong Plalai’s municipal office has opened a community group on Line, and for emergency assistance, phones operate 24-hours a day at 038-170667 and 092-247397.

More storms might be coming this weekend.

Municipal maintenance women work hard to fill sandbags to help keep floodwaters out of people’s houses.

With sandbags filled and storm drains cleared, Nong Plalai should be ready for the next storm.

Maintenance staff create a temporary levy along a drainage canal.