Pattaya woman beaten by ‘loan shark’, but police give credence to suspects

Tatsaneeporn Yongrum reported to Pattaya police that three alleged female loan sharks beat her up because she missed a payment.

Pattaya police are investigating whether four women who beat up a delinquent borrower are loan sharks or classmates.

A dirty and bleeding Tatsaneeporn Yongrum, 21, went to police Nov. 28 saying she was kidnapped from Soi Paniadchang, brought to a deserted road and then punched and kicked by loan sharks.

She said she borrowed 35,000 baht from a woman and had paid off 5,000 of the principal and high interest payments, but missed a payment two days ago and that the loan sharks came after her.

Early Nov. 29, Saibua Surasorn, 23, a woman identified only as Nid, 23, and two 16-year-old girls surrendered to police.
Saibua, of course, told a very different story, claiming she operated an e-commerce business and had never been a loan shark. Nid is Tatsaneeporn’s classmate, she said.

Tatsaneeporn did borrow the money, but offered to pay interest, Saibua claimed, adding that the woman did not postpone a loan payment; she refused to pay back the balance.

Saibua and the other women picked up Tatsaneeporn with the intention to discuss the problem, but things got heated. It was the teen girls who punched the borrower and she tried to stop them, Saibua claimed.

Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai sounded as if he was on Saibua’s side, pointing out she had a stable career and that the “victim” knew the attacking parties personally. He said police will continue to investigate.

Pol.Maj. Tanya Udthong Inspector at Pattaya Police Station interrogates the three alleged loan sharks about the assault on Tatsaneeporn.


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