Pattaya school children launch campaign to Save our Environment

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet commends the students of Hastin School for their gallant efforts in organizing the “Saving our Environment” Pattaya Beach.

Children from the Hastin School in Pattaya organized an educational campaign called “Saving our Environment” at Central Festival Shopping Mall on Nov 25, to create awareness of the severe damage being caused to the environment by many countries around the world and to recommend solutions for preventing further damage.

Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet presided over the launch the campaign and listened to the children’s ideas and goals for saving the planet before marching with them along Beach Road.

Kids learned that the Thai government has already put in place the National Solid Waste Master Plan 2016-2021 and the Roadmap for Plastic Waste Management 2018-2030 to lessen the impact of sea debris on marine and coastal ecosystems.

The children were told that in 2020 more than 145 tons of garbage was collected in fisherman’s nets and most of the trash was plastic materials. Through the diligence of the Thai government’s campaign to reduce plastic garbage in the sea, Thailand’s ranking as the worst plastic polluters in the world, was upgraded from 6th to 10th place.

Thailand can still work harder to reduce the use of plastic materials by 25 billion bags or 228,820 tons every year. A huge amount of these plastic bags end up in the sea and kills tens of thousands of marine life. The children learned that micro plastic and Nano plastic contamination in marine animals will eventually prove hazardous if not fatal when seafood polluted by these impurities is consumed by human beings.

Mayor Poramet poses with students holding placards with slogans on saving the environment as they walk along Beach Road.

Students listen intently to the mayor as he speaks to them during the launch of the “Save the Environment” campaign.


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