Pattaya teens claim kidnapping after gal-pal spat

The two teenaged girls make a report to Pattaya police telling them of their horrible ordeal at the hands of their alleged abductors.

Two Pattaya teenagers claimed they were kidnapped after refusing to drop abuse allegations against their abductors.

The murky story in which none of the participants wanted to be named boils down to a spat between three 18-year-old women and easily offended relatives. It apparently began when one of the kidnap victims accused a school pal’s boyfriend of hitting her grandmother.

The dispute boiled and a complaint was made to police. The friend’s mother and stepfather felt they “lost face” and a meeting to settle the kerfuffle at the alleged abuser’s house on Soi Khao Talo 8 didn’t settle things.

The two unidentified girls talk to reporters after making their police report of being abducted and threatened.

So the mother, stepfather and two other unidentified men kidnapped the two accusing teens, pushing them into a vehicle at gunpoint with another threatening with a baseball bat. While the kidnappers wore masks, the women recorded them with a cellphone, until the abductors discovered it and took the Apple iPhone 11 away.

The identity of the abductors was confirmed by the school friend, who admitted her family was behind the plot.

The victims were taken to the Charknok Reservoir where they were threatened. One woman was then released and told to withdraw the police complaint while the other women remained captive. She was eventually dumped on a roadside and made it home safely to Thepprasit Soi 11.

The two women brought the case to Pattaya police to investigate.