Pattaya stray dogs and cats sterilized and vaccinated

Pattaya has a very large population of stray dogs that need medical attention.

Continuing its campaign to rein in the stray animal population, Pattaya hosted another vaccination and sterilization event at city hall.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai opened the Aug. 18 animal fair, saying stray dogs needed to be controlled by moving them to a shelter while household canines should be sterilized and vaccinated to minimize risk disease and attacks on people.

Deputy Pattaya Mayor Manot Nongyai stands next to a Pattaya City mobile pet hospital.

Cats also are a plague on the city and sterilization for wild or household cats is urgently needed, the deputy mayor said.

Pattaya offers free shots and sterilization for all animals at neighborhoods around the city every month.

The interior of the mobile pet hospital is equipped with modern surgical and medical equipment.