Pattaya rounds up another 34 homeless, beggars

Officers from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and the Anti-trafficking in Persons Division, rounded up homeless persons from around Pattaya in the middle of the night.

As Pattaya’s economic collapse deepens, homeless sweeps are now becoming a daily occurrence.

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Mayuree Dumnernpol, director of the Chonburi Protection Center for the Destitute, led another patrol through Pattaya Sept. 3 with human-trafficking police and social workers from the Chonburi Shelter for Children and Families, to pick up beggars, homeless people and vagrants exhibiting mental problems.

Thirty-four people were apprehended, including two Cambodians in the country illegally.

Going beyond the streets, officials also inspected the growing number of abandoned buildings in Jomtien Beach where homeless have been congregating, sometimes for drug use.

Some were found sleeping on the beach and were taken away.

Not everyone rousted while sleeping on the beach were happy to leave, but eventually were given no choice.

Those with medical or mental issues were taken to Banglamung Hospital while the homeless were transported to shelters to contact family members. The Cambodians were processed for deportation, although it may not do much good.

One of the illegals arrested said he’d already been deported three times, but agents always are able to sneak him back in.

Illegal immigrants were deported, but sneaked back into the country with the help of unscrupulous agents.