Pattaya restaurateurs relieved as customers return to eat in

When CCSA unlocked Chonburi from dark red zone to red zone, it finally allowed customers to dine in again.

Pattaya restaurateurs breathed a sigh of relief as customers slowly returned after a ban on dine-in service was lifted.

Pairat Puttaruksakul, owner of the Je To noodle shop, said sales fell off a cliff after Chonburi was designated a “deep red” coronavirus-control zone prohibiting restaurant dine-in. On Monday, Chonburi was changed to a “red” zone and dine-in service was allowed to resume.

Despite restrictions that include a 25 percent capacity cap, a ban on alcohol sales and a 9 p.m. closing time, customers returned May 17, which she saw as a good sign.

“Moddang” of Moddang Southern Food haled the relaxed restrictions as well but called on the government to consider how continued restrictions damage people’s lives more than the coronavirus.

She said she understands the government needs to control the latest Covid-19 outbreak, but blanket bans do more harm than good.

Je To, a famous noodle shop in Pattaya, is open again for dine-in service.

Moddang Southern Food has opened again to dine-in customers and strictly follows the government’s anti-Covid-19 measures.

“Finally, I don’t have to cook my own food,” this man says at Moddang Southern Food.

Social distancing and keeping capacity at less than 25% are being observed.